About Us

Afri Core Storage Systems (Afri Core) was launched in 1994 and are today established as a
quality manufacturer and supplier of geological and exploration equipment and
services at very competitive prices.

Apart from supplying products, we also provide turnkey projects and design, manufacture
and erect core sheds, core logging facilities and core storage facilities. We
also provide services for moving, racking and cataloguing of core.

We provide a full logistics service of outsourcing and shipping all our customers’ needs
thereby assisting with the control and management of costs, a one stop facility
for all your needs.

Our product offering is vast, and along with our ability to source any goods at very
competitive rates, we can provide any equipment relating to your geological
needs and provide a range of services that may be required.

The members of Afri Core have vast experience in the drilling and exploration services, and
fully understand the demands of the industry as well as budgetary constraints
that companies have to work under whilst still having to perform their
functions as well as producing the expected results, and as such are in a
position to assist and consult with you to solve problems and design and supply
products to meet these challenges.

We pride ourselves on our quality and service, as well as our ability to partner with
you to ensure your projects are successful.

Product Overview

  • Core Racking Systems

  • Core Cutting Splitting Equipment 

  • Sampling Tools

  • Stationery

  • Camping & Outdoor Equipment

  • Drilling Equipment & Rigs

  • Tools

  • Pumps

  • Logistics

  • Drilling Supplies

  • Racking & Cataloguing of Core

  • Core Storage Trays

  • Sample Bags & Boxes

  • Geological Field Equipment

  • Marking Tools

  • Analysis Equipment

  • Safety Clothing & Equipment

  • Laboratory Apparatus

  • Generators

  • Services

  • Outsourcing

  • Moving of Core



Through it’s wide range of associations can supply not only core trays and related equipment but can also out source a wide range of drill rigs, drilling equipment, compressors, heavy duty vehicles, tool and general supplies. We are in a position to out source any equipment and service that you may require, including the building and maintenance of rigs and equipment.

 Cost Effective Transportation

Afri Core’s unique design of unassembled core trays allow for low cost transportation of core trays in bulk to site. Assembly is easily acheived by one person utilising the rivets supplied. This also allows for easier storage of trays until they are required at the drill rigs.

 Core Storage Facilities

Afri Core can provide a wide range of core storage facilities including the building of core sheds of all sizes. Afri Core will also undertake the packaging, moving and cataloguing of core storage facilities.


Afri Core will outsource your core transportation, delivering core trays to site and recovering full trays for transportation to laboratories and core yards as required.Afri Core will outsource your core transportation, delivering core trays to site and recovering full trays for transportation to laboratories and core yards as required.


Our clients

  • Mining Houses
  • Exploration Companies

  • Laboratories

  • Universities

  • Drilling contractors

  • Any person or organisation requiring exploration

  • Equipment or campsite set-up anywhere in Africa


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